IPE submission: ‘room’

  29.07.18: started to work on an edition of 10 screen prints for international print exchange IPE in the UK. the theme was open so i decided to continue my 'landscape and i' work, starting by simply contrasting inside and outside space in terms of form, pattern, symbol - something of the domestic (damask wallpaper) overlayed... Continue Reading →

ceramic processes continued

9-13 july 2018. spent the week working on ceramic processes with brigitta seck at NCAD this week. started by revising the main clay building processes with an emphasis on technique rather than concept, although we could have worked with a theme in mind it seemed better to let the processes see where they took me.... Continue Reading →

upskilling in 3d processes

spent the day in island mill ceramic studios yesterday learning how to throw clay and work the wheel. i had a feeling it was going to be challenging before i started and so it was. centring the clay on the wheel at the start is key. also working with 2 hands all the time and... Continue Reading →

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