exploratory project (week 11): non-binary objects of a domestic landscape

playing around with domestic objects today. had intended to get back to my tea set but got side tracked with other domestic objects, objects to move with and to the body – spoon, handles etc. let myself be led by the process and materials rather than a decided outcome as i had wanted to make a spoon for one mouth and two tastes but found the handle in clay too brittle to work with. then other things started to happen …. ‘when a saucer is a spoon’ and ‘when a spoon is a saucer’. non-binary objects of a domestic landscape. there is a lot more i could do with this to take it further. really need to test it with body movement before i know if this is going anywhere. i wander is it’s now time to stop exploration side tracking (even though it is all related) and consolidate where i’m at. maybe consolidate tomorrow.


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