IPE submission: ‘room’


29.07.18: started to work on an edition of 10 screen prints for international print exchange IPE in the UK. the theme was open so i decided to continue my ‘landscape and i’ work, starting by simply contrasting inside and outside space in terms of form, pattern, symbol – something of the domestic (damask wallpaper) overlayed with tree tops to suggest the outdoors. the viewpoint might really suggest trees as seen from indoors. title of ‘room’ seemed to suggest itself for its dual meaning: room as a place of domestic confinement and as room or space to move. the brief of 10 x 10 cm made the run easy working with a small screen and paper, also my exposure time for the first layer worked well. i might have been better with less for the second layer but I kinda like the way the image doesn’t give too much away for the viewer. otherwise the layers aligned and the inking was even so no major drying out or leaking. the colours I mixed for each layer looked different at mixing stage but printed very similarly … i think it works as a monochrome – maybe contrasting colours might be the way to go another time. so all signed, editioned, folded in paper and ready for posting now.

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