ways of thinking and making

responding to some of the ideas and questions posed by Les Bicknell last night. what i actually do in the process of making: yesterday - open. connect. close. move. listen. take. tape. draw. rub. draw. cut. rub. cut. lift. cut. fold. stack. open. squeeze. roll. align. press. rub. lift. lay. (roll. align. press. rub. lift. lay... Continue Reading →

form fracture frame: object, movement, body

context for this post: i include this post which i did as part of my 'form, fracture, frame' task because the video work 'for kathleen' (experiment 4) was in many ways the starting point for my exploratoration of landscape and gender. it indicated that object could be a way of exploring landscape and gender and instigated my exploration... Continue Reading →

lord of all i survey

intrigued by the work of Susan Trangmar - untitled landscapes. 1985. female figure in the landscape, back to the camera. (image: http://www.susantrangmar.com/art/untitled/Untitled3.html) thoughts: scale. perspective. view. gaze. woman and the landscape. man and the landscape. female gaze. male gaze. positions of power. ownership. master. conqueror. lord of all i survey. more thoughts: untitled landscapes. no title. title. position of... Continue Reading →

advice to stay at home

seeing all this advice to stay at home due to hurricane ophelia. kind of funny how i'm also thinking of article 41.2. suggesting a woman's place in the home...and its defense - 'nothing will change in law or fact of nature that a woman's natural sphere is in the home' (McQuaid, 1937). felt pretty cooped... Continue Reading →

the critical eye

honing my critical eye. probably always critical. not too critical that would put me off starting. pinpointing what works and what doesn't. useful exercise - there is a pattern.  work is a whole: process, work. audience. task 1: take two artworks  choose two of your own artworks, one you think is successful and one you... Continue Reading →

video. body. movement

had great fun messing around with Aideen Barry's video projections on my hands at DLR Lexicon where i brought some students today. video projections on drawings - started placing the video projections on my body/hand. video. body. movement. found an image on someones blog last year who did likewise with my work island bound. caught herself present and... Continue Reading →

pursuit of messy

thinking about what it might mean to take on messy. messy spaces, messy people. messy work. messy movements. uncontrolled messy. back to questions of gender. observed in the classroom - girls praised for their neatness and silence. neat = girl, messy = not girl. messy an act of defiance? messy movements, messy body, messy thoughts, messy... Continue Reading →

the personal object

questioning the use of the personal object. personal object relating to a subjective meaning or personal object relating to a universal symbol? personal object relating to a personal past or personal object relating to a shared past? (image: how to leave a natural sphere. 2017. video installation. e.crowe).

questioning the domestic

just back from a production of 'the sin eaters' by anú theatre. the sin eater: a person who consumes a ritual meal in order to take on the sins of others. personal stories of trauma - within the home, within the body, within the state... food for thought.

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