negative not negative

one of things that i concluded from my last image making using a mixture of digital and analogue processes was the potential to throw something onto the binary mix of a negative image translation. if black equals white and white equals black i wondered if the image colour translation could be disrupted somehow by another... Continue Reading →

digital-analogue landscape

i have been thinking a lot about the merits of digital and analogue lens based media in relation to my work on landscape so i decided work through a sequence of image making which plays with aspects of both methods. the sequence:- digital capture of image using i-phone digital manipulation of image using photoshop digital... Continue Reading →

haptic and optic encounters (contextual study)

thinking about how we view and experience the landscape, i have been reading another text related to lens based work and bodily encounters by Laura Marks called 'Touch, Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media' (2002). one of the arguments that seems to keep coming up is the idea of 'haptic' experience, visuality or perception. The term 'haptic'... Continue Reading →

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