halftone print fair 2018

i am taking part in halftone print fair again this year. i think i posted about deciding to print an edition 'jellies' where i was lead by an image rather than an idea that links to landscape, gender and body, although when i went to write a descriptive statement for this submission 'medusa' came to... Continue Reading →

intersections and articulations

initial thoughts: when i saw the title 'intersections and articulations' i was expecting art theory rather than a description of the practical jobs that a curator might be responsible for yet making and curating indeed boil down to a series of practical tasks. interesting to note - Fran Stafford describes herself as an artist and curator... Continue Reading →

climbing a mountain and making day

coinciding with making day, i am going to be starting (and hopefully finishing) my climb of carrauntoohil in the macgillycuddy reeks next saturday (highest mountain in ireland).  although i decided and arranged to climb the mountain months ago, perhaps because it falls on making day i am asking myself all sorts of questions about how... Continue Reading →

the body as site

link to presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQHdZReIorY0SuzJTRCJDHqayUwrI6pW1UMrU7onkcyd9bXHN9NLAIfaDyRfkiNDq5cGK_z0_JdPjcZ/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=15000 notes: slide 1: there are lots of ways to think about site but i wanted this research to link directly with my work. the obvious way to approach 'site' would have been to look at site as landscape - a physical place but because i also work with and from the body... Continue Reading →

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