exploratory project (week 13): landscape, symmetry and asymmetry

went on instinct when i was out on the mountains doing some multiple gaze work last weekend. i had intended to work again on the gendered gaze in terms of far and near perspectives but this time with an unframed rectangular mirror rather than the circular mirror i used the last time. when i went back through my photos and videos i was drawn to the videos where i had simply tried to align the landscape along lines of  symmetry with the mirror. maybe because it suggested ideas about ideal beauty, balance in nature and also in the body or face. i only had some really short clips and i edited them together then felt one said it sufficiently and emphasised the act of looking. i also edited the clip with a voice over about symmetry and how we are attracted to symmetrical faces but again i thought this was telling the viewer what to see or think. so i left it to play alone with the title at the end to indicate what its impetus was – real and ideal, landscape and body. real body in a real landscape – two eyes and one landscape – striving for the ideal but odd, uneven, imperfect … i slouch and i asymmetrical.

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