arcadia: i have been doing some research for my provocation task, looking into both sides of the argument that 'landscape is imagined'. one of the ideas that i have come across is the notion of 'arcadia'. arcadia refers to an ideal pastoral landscape: picturesque and in harmony with nature. the origin of the name 'arcadia' comes... Continue Reading →

imagined landscape? (provocation task)

proposition: i just had an interesting discussion with JV about our provocation task and am feeling excited about arriving at a proposition where we feel both sides could be equally interesting to argue. JV will argue for - discussing landscape as a mental, psychological and cultural construct etc. i will argue against - discussing the... Continue Reading →

the ebb and flow of practice

writing and reading about my work: i have just spent the last 2 weekends writing about my work for an interview to be published in LandEscape Art Review. it was great to be selected to feature in this publication but i didn't anticipate how long it would take to complete the interview and am still... Continue Reading →

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