exploratory project (week 13): landscape, material and object

exploring outdoor landscape as material to see how it relates to the domestic landscape. i took this footage last weekend and felt it needed a narrative of some kind – the real material of the landscape seemed to suggest something about ideas and ideals about landscape and about domesticity and their objects… some kind of disconnect. today i asked some of my colleagues to describe their ideal teacup to see how it would relate to the teacup i made with the wet and heavy clay of the back ditch in Tipp. their descriptions of an ideal teacup sits against the rough cup and saucer i shaped – not as binary opposites which is something i have been questioning in my work, but related and resonating together. the focus of my lens is off at times but i think the pace of the video and sound editing suits the sounds of the landscape, although my cup-making is upstaged by bird song. for reasons that might become clearer, i returned to watch the cup from time to time over the weekend. i had a conversation in one of my tutorials about how things break down and one thing becomes another over time… perhaps a way to look at and muddle the divisions between the outdoor landscape and domestic landscape. anyway, thank-you Marie, Angela, Úna and Deirdre for taking the time to talk about ideal teacups and other things.

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