failure, language, collaboration: some thoughts on Scanlon & Grivell

a few thoughts that i take away after Claire Scanlon and Paul Grivell's engaging lecture last monday night. failure: the relationship of failure and risk taking with the process of exploration and discovery. scanlon and grivell expose 'failure' in their towner 'failure' project where unsuccessful proposals and works are laid bare - collected and published in a zine and exhibition.... Continue Reading →

some thoughts on ‘archive to interview’

re-watching the video lecture 'archive to interview' and making some notes and observations... yes -the difficulty with online research especially imagery means that scale, dates, materials and context of work can be omitted and hard to decipher. i think rushed and superficial research is an inevitability of a digital age and somethng i'm guilty of.... Continue Reading →

other stories from oz

my xmas was spent with family in australia. although the sum total of my art making involved making glitter slime with my nieces, i did manage to see a great exhibition of pipilotti rist's video installation work in sydney's museum of contemporary art. i also saw some work by other contemporary australian and aboriginal artists... Continue Reading →

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