where am i so far (for group crit)

developing work: i am continuing to develop work related to landscape and the lens in 3 areas - video projection,  print, video projection with print. i intend to continue to develop these 3 areas until march when i will further select for exhibition. at the moment i have been concentrating on video & print and video... Continue Reading →

landscape & voicescape

voice: i have been thinking about experimenting with some soundscapes and vocal narratives in my video pieces, something integrated into and layering on the visuals. i want to see how the voice responds to the framing of the landscape in some way - either as sound or narrative. for the moment this is occurring in... Continue Reading →

manipulation as challenge: multiple video projection

journey through contemplating a mountain   EXPERIMENTATION 1: VISUALS AND PROJECTORS manipulation as challenge: i have been doing lots of reading about the manipulation of the image - manipulation being gendered female, manipulation being material, bodily and subjective against un-manipulated, immaterial, objective and apparently masculine image making processes. aren't all processes a manipulation anyway? isn't... Continue Reading →

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