landscape of sorts

ongoing: since my end of year submission i still seem to be spending my weekends in the studio researching, thinking about and/or working on a few different ideas and submissions in print and video. first up - wasn't happy with an edition i submitted which ended being shortlisted for a show so i reprinted it... Continue Reading →

bini oculus: stereo landscape continued

bini oculus: i responded to an 'open call' brief for the 'one minutes' video archive etc. last week, using some footage i recorded of the landscape using 2 i-phones simultaneously. the 'open call' brief suggested alienation amongst other things, so i wanted to explore landscape through the strangeness of the human eye's binocular vision where the left... Continue Reading →

in/complete landscape continued

a step further: i have been meaning to revisit the screen printing exploratory series 'incomplete landscape' that i started which uses a split or two-part landscape image where the viewer has to move eyeline to complete the landscape into a single frame - again continuing my exploration of multiple views and unfixed perspectives. as i... Continue Reading →

contact: landscape as image

physical contact: there are many ideas that i want to develop further from my 'landscape and lens' residency. i have been sitting at my desk for the last few days writing my paper on the lens as an embodied practice so was looking forward to getting back to some physical image making. as well as... Continue Reading →

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