thoughts on audience & site

initial thoughts: i am about to begin a new task which focuses on audience and site. in thinking about audience and site, the idea of immersive experience comes to mind and also some conflicting thoughts on this type of work and exhibition. i recently saw Olafur Eliasson's 'in real life' exhibition in Tate Modern. i... Continue Reading →

hand-pulled landscape (image and body)

journey through blur landscape the hand and the margins: i spent the weekend experimenting with screen print bitmaps. i had a particular process in mind that i wanted to try using the 'wrong' side of the transparent film. over the years i have accidentally printed my bitmaps on the wrong (glossy) side of the transparent... Continue Reading →

what am i at? (recap for tutorial)

questions about relationships: in preparation with a tutorial with MW, i have been trying to distill some of the key questions that i have been recently working on. i guess i can boil it down to a series of questions around relationships related to myself and the landscape - relationships between landscape as image and bodily... Continue Reading →

who cares? (some thoughts on ethics)

who is speaking for who: i had an interesting discussion with fellow MAers about ethics in relation to making and showing work. one of the works discussed included Sam Durant's 'Scaffold' (2017) which highlighted the need for a considered (and ethical) approach to making and showing work. the discussion led to questions about who makes... Continue Reading →

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