upskilling in 3d processes

spent the day in island mill ceramic studios yesterday learning how to throw clay and work the wheel. i had a feeling it was going to be challenging before i started and so it was. centring the clay on the wheel at the start is key. also working with 2 hands all the time and letting one hand lead was important. for some reason i found the bowl shape easier than forming a cylinder – they say it takes 10000 hours to become expert at anything! kind of feeds into my strive for perfection and my real imperfect body that i explored in my landscape and gender work this term. like in the process of printing – the internal conversations i have as i work to make rounder, higher, smoother, better etc yet foiled by my lack of practice, finesse, asymmetrical movements and uneven body… i slouch and i stick. anyway throwing is very addictive and then spent yesterday evening checking out the cost of a wheel… hmmm. in my PPP i identified learning new skills in 3d processes, so am glad i got the opportunity to do yesterday.

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