manipulating the image as challenge

manipulation as a form of challenge: over the past week, i have continued to look into 'making versus taking' in photography  from a gendered perspective. in 'A History of Women Photographers' (2010) which i got my hands on recently, Rosenblum discusses the manipulation of image in women's photography, particularly in the 80s and 90s. adding... Continue Reading →

questioning the frame

the physical frame: running through my exploratory making, i am also doing some exploratory reading. i came across a thesis discussing the form and function of the physical frame in contemporary art (Geraghty, 2008). while this thesis does not discuss its relation to gender, it does set out interesting theory, history and art practices related... Continue Reading →

moving image and non-linear narrative

breaking the narrative: my new book arrived in the post, suggested by MW during my last tutorial - 'Broken Screen, Expanding the Image, Breaking the Narrative, 26 Conversations with Doug Aitken. there is an interesting diagram at the back which lists non-linear films, categorised according to how they can be considered non-linear, i.e. manipulation of... Continue Reading →

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