contextual study: landscape, soul and psyche

(image: Many Ferries, Jack B. Yates, 1948). i just watched an interesting documentary on RTÉ player called Soul of Ireland - The Landscape Painter (2016). although focusing on painting there was a lot i could relate to in my contextual study. it also gave a very romanticised notion of the irish landscape and made little or no... Continue Reading →

contextual study: landscape and class

(image of Greyson Perry's The Upper Class at Bay, from The Vanity of Small  Differences tapestry series, 2012, taken at the RHA Gallery, 2018). had a great visit to the RHA with my students to see work by Greyson Perry. in his series of 6 tapestries 'The Vanity of Small Differences' (2012) Perry presents contemporary scenes which explore... Continue Reading →

contextual study: feminist geographies of landscape

continuing some research reading on landscape and gender, i came across a study in 'Feminist Geographies, Explorations in Diversity and Difference" (1997) by a Women and Geography study group. in the chapter "Feminist Geographies of Environment, Nature and Landscape" the study group describe how landscape and landscape imagery is used to support and question dominant... Continue Reading →

contextual study: landscape and power relations

areading through what the geographer Gillian Rose has to say about landscape and gender in 'Feminism & Gender, the Limits of Geographical Knowledge (1993). in her chapter 'Looking at Landscape: The Uneasy Pleasures of Power' (p. 86 - 112) Rose discusses how the term landscape and landscape paintings are embedded with cultural values which indicate... Continue Reading →

contextual study: gendering the nation-state

(image: anna livia plurabelle. dublin) doing some reading research for my contextual study and exploratory project. i'm reading through some of the chapters related to landscape and gender in 'Gender, Identity and Place' by Linda McDowell (1999). in her chapter 'Gendering the Nation-State' (p.170 - 202), McDowell raises many points related to some of the... Continue Reading →

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