still and moving image continued

moving it on - geometry: i am continuing to work on my still and moving image installation and have spent another few nights this week playing around with how they might sit together. last week i was unhappy with how they sat on top of each other so this week i rearranged the still and... Continue Reading →

now then (still & moving image)

refining work: getting closer to making my selection of work for the digital exhibition so before i make the selection i am going back through each of my works and working on them further - refining them i suppose. i will give myself the next 2 weeks to rework/refine/further develop each of my video and/or... Continue Reading →

landscape & extending the parameters

extending the parameters. i am working my way through my contextual study and discussing the extension of the rectilinear frame in the gendered framing of the landscape. i decided to redevelop a print idea that i started last october. whereas last week i extended landscape's rectilinear frame through body (hand) manipulation. this time i extended... Continue Reading →

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