making and not thinking

took to the studio this evening as we had an individual research week. as planned, i wanted to try and clear some of my submission paperwork and also get going on some of the print editions that i had committed to. one of the submissions was for a print edition with an open theme and... Continue Reading →

making a start

where to begin?: following on from my work from last year i have lots of possible starting points for developing work in relation to landscape, body and gender. why landscape, body and gender? suffice for now - because it has to be me and it has to be the landscape (articulation will come). so around these... Continue Reading →

some questions to begin

starting points: i really want to continue my exploration of my relationship to the landscape and gender, with identity in an irish context as an overarching frame of reference. i feel that i only touched the surface of many ideas - body and movement in relation to landscape and gender, language in relation to landscape... Continue Reading →

extending an art practice

some questions to think about ... how do we extend our art practice – towards what? extension as outward movement - an expansion of ideas, skills and knowledge. extension as an inwards movement - a honing, narrowing, compression or focus of ideas, skills and knowledge. how?: gaining knowledge of our work in context - socially, politically, historically... Continue Reading →

‘room’ at the ranelagh arts festival

continued to work on the 'room' screen print series over the summer which continues my exploration of landscape and gender - room: indoors and outdoors, room: place, movement, confinement, room: partial views and of the domestic. there is a lot more scope to explore these juxtapositions further through image, print and as of course video... Continue Reading →

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