reflective evaluation

Reflective Evaluation Working towards a physical exhibition and assessment: From the beginning of MA3, my work moved away from developing video work for a monitor towards developing video work for projectors. Working with projectors has allowed me to develop my work in a more physical way that seems to resonate with what I have been... Continue Reading →

who what why (for catalogue)

setting out my wares: time to get some bumf ready for our exhibition catalogue. of course its not bumf but actually an important process that involves trying to distill what my work is about. seems easier to write in the first person for my statement but in the third person for my bio ... turns... Continue Reading →

still and moving image continued

moving it on - geometry: i am continuing to work on my still and moving image installation and have spent another few nights this week playing around with how they might sit together. last week i was unhappy with how they sat on top of each other so this week i rearranged the still and... Continue Reading →

now then (still & moving image)

refining work: getting closer to making my selection of work for the digital exhibition so before i make the selection i am going back through each of my works and working on them further - refining them i suppose. i will give myself the next 2 weeks to rework/refine/further develop each of my video and/or... Continue Reading →

landscape & extending the parameters

extending the parameters. i am working my way through my contextual study and discussing the extension of the rectilinear frame in the gendered framing of the landscape. i decided to redevelop a print idea that i started last october. whereas last week i extended landscape's rectilinear frame through body (hand) manipulation. this time i extended... Continue Reading →

restock (for group crit)

key areas of my practice: landscape, lens, body, gender, image   ways i work: my work mainly consist of video, print or a combination of video and print. at the moment i am working on video installations and video and print installations. the works i include here are all works in progress ...   about... Continue Reading →

triplopia (installation)

some experiments: am working nights these days as need to do contextual research during the day and the days are too bright for installations anyway. i spent last night setting up my projectors to see how the videos would layer and play on top of each other. each video is the same landscape with varying... Continue Reading →

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