some questions (making and contextual study)

developing the work that i began last year which looks at my relationship to the landscape (landscape and body), i have been using predominantly lens based methods such as video and print. the main questions that i have been looking into recently through both my making and reading relate to landscape and lens-based processes. conscious... Continue Reading →

testing: infra-landscape

testing and open calls: following on from a discussion i had about landscape and image last week, i spent yesterday evening working on a small print edition for two separate submissions - a print fair in Galway Arts Centre and Trasna 8 in the Courthouse Gallery in Ennistymon. both open calls simply gave a brief... Continue Reading →

all things considered (group crit)

a really interesting group crit this evening. the best thing to do with our discussion of so many things is to write it all down without filtering so all things considered... a list of words and phrases - on mine: coils. wrapping the body, a movement. around the body. something to touch. fragmenting. spirals. suggesting... Continue Reading →

stereo landscape (video work)

compound eye: something i have been working on for the last few weeks through both my video and print work is the idea of a compound eye in relation to viewing and experiencing landscape and landscape imagery - not from a single viewpoint (attributed to male gaze) but from a multiple view or compound eye... Continue Reading →

in/complete landscape continued

some field work: i went to the chester beatty library last weekend as i wanted to see the print works there. this library exhibits beatty's collection of manuscripts, paintings, prints and artefacts which he collected from ancient chinese, japanese, islamic and christian traditions. my interest was the print works; their forms mainly and display. some things... Continue Reading →

in/complete landscape

impetus for making: i spent the day printing yesterday. i have been feeling that my print work doesn't seem to relate to my video work which looks at landscape, body and gender and attempts to challenge gendered, single fixed perspective of the landscape from a position from afar suggesting power and dominance over its subject.... Continue Reading →

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