exploratory project (week 2): research and collecting

week 2, research and collecting: reading: spent the week sourcing texts and books related to gender and landscape; 'gendered landscape'. titles include Feminist Geographies by a women and geography study group, Gillian Rose's Feminism and Geography and Gender, Identity and Place by Linda Mcdowell. hopefully they will arrive next week. in the meantime i got hold of  Rebecca Solnit's... Continue Reading →

exploratory project (week 1): beginning

week 1, beginning: beginning a new project; an ‘exploratory project’ to challenge, take risks, experiment, reflect on successes and failures... making a plan. a project outline: answering some questions to give some kind of shape to my research and making; a place to start and a pace to work. what are my starting points: broadly speaking; movement, place... Continue Reading →

institutions and ways of moving.

control of movement and institutions: after reading Gillian Rose's chapter 'Institutions and Ways of Seeing' (2001, in Visual Methodologies, An Introduction to the Interpretation of Visual Materials, p. 172 - 194), which outlines the ways institutions control what, where and how we see in order to exert and maintain control of power and knowledge, i... Continue Reading →

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