some printing matters

a little business: i have spent the last few weekends completing the animation for school and printing batches of christmas cards by order. looks like there is a small demand for hand printed christmas cards this year so i plan on developing a series for next year based on this last one i did this... Continue Reading →

studio this and that

animation: i have spent the last 2 weekends working on a stop/go animation for school as a christmas concert alternative. its been really fun watching the animation take shape and getting the students involved in the making of characters, backdrops, props and recording all their narration and singing. its nearly finished now and of course... Continue Reading →

studio preparation

preparation: i feel like i spent the weekend getting ready for something - maybe the submission i hope to tackle next weekend. because last weekend was so intense (and tiring) i thought id just clear a few small jobs so that im ready for a bit of making next weekend. so my weekend in the... Continue Reading →

returning to the horizon

returning: there are many areas i want to develop further and this weekend i was open to what ever direction that would take. i dont expect to reach any end point - probably ever, but just make steps further along these routes. so this last weekend i ended up experimenting with the horizon and ways... Continue Reading →

slowish studio day

a bit of this and that: i was pretty tired before i began any work in the studio today and it took some time to settle into anything. instead of tackling any work which needs a lot of energy, i started by looking through open calls, checking in with the VAi and making a list... Continue Reading →

restricted landscape

restricting: i am not sure what i would have been working on if i could go anywhere but today i am working from a state of restricted movement. i started by gathering from my immediate environment without too much thinking - taking images, video and some fairly random things from the garden. i know i... Continue Reading →

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