returning to the horizon

returning: there are many areas i want to develop further and this weekend i was open to what ever direction that would take. i dont expect to reach any end point – probably ever, but just make steps further along these routes. so this last weekend i ended up experimenting with the horizon and ways of extending the rectilinear frame – something i had researched in relation to the idealised landscape and the gendering of the landscape from a male gaze prespective. i just wanted to play around with the extended rectilinear frame – an exaggeration that might open up possibilities for thinking about balance or unbalance – undoing an idealisation. at the back of my mind is always the match and mismatch of landscape as image and as experience – something that is always there.

process: the process involved working with one of my images with a strong horizon line, repositioning its angle and scale and working almost in a collage fashion. i liked the way it threw the horizon’s balance off, which kind of corresponds with my walking this landscape when the images were taken. i also flipped the image to the back in a middle section – again playing with the missmatch between landscape as experience and landscape as image – a relationship which is comes together and also diverges into something other – a missing or a beyond. anyway some images of the process and some final shots of playing around with the folded image.

reflection: i meant to post about this at the weekend but i decided to work towards a deadline related to this work. i came across an open call for experimental print works which was also open to the idea of 3d works and figured this could put a structure to my experimenting and helped too minimise my faffing around. it is juried and required a statement and images – so i used studio time to prepare for this. writing a statement and description for the work always helps me describe what i am doing because i dont always know through language of words at the time of doing. taking this work further – the text i placed in this image could be an avenue to explore image vs experience vs experience of image etc. collaged superimpostions could continue to develop. i could also get cleverer in my bit map and screen preparation to cut out time printing sections separately – i guess this means it wouldnt develop as organically though. anyway, a very productive weekend but i have been shattered ever since. never know i am overdoing it while i am doing it but certainly know about it when i stop.

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