haptic & optic landscape continued

a productive weekend: one of my ‘fold’ prints was accepted in an exhibition in an art centre in new hampshire in early 2021. i liked the sound of this open call as they were looking for work that uses traditional methods in new ways. am just after packing it up ready for posting tomorrow. my new rubber stamp also arrived and i got to test it out on the back of some of my printed christmas cards. the text is small but legible enough. i also got some work ready for another submission. this open call was looking for small a5 work and i thought i would continue my shake/blurred landscape series from a few weeks ago and test out another image through a similar process. so i spent the weekend preparing the image, printing the image and then restarting the process until i was happy with the print and thought it might be ready to submit.

printing and reprinting process: i worked through an image which i thought would translate very well through screenprint bitmaps but there was something missing in the texture of this first image and the image gave too much away in terms of what landscape it was capturing. after printing a small edition of 6 and also adding a second layer of colour, i scraped this image and went back to the start. going through my other images i selected another image that seemed more vague in terms of what and where it was. the image was captured through a slow shutter speed and a handshake body movement, creating a blurred movement of lines. as i said in my initial printing of this type of image – the lines seem to suggest threading and needlework – a gendered process perhaps to be explored in time. so some images of the printing process.

process: image 1

process: image 2

reflection: i think i need to start gathering again in this way – i might also use it to capture moving images. i like the haptic quality of these images and want to do more work re the landscape in this way. again, i am always asking what landscape and why. for the moment, i am happy with the process and the results emerging. the images don’t seem to need layers of colour but prehaps i need to do a full CMYK process to rule this out. i also need to play around with scale. all said, a good weekend of making anyway.

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