slowish studio day

a bit of this and that: i was pretty tired before i began any work in the studio today and it took some time to settle into anything. instead of tackling any work which needs a lot of energy, i started by looking through open calls, checking in with the VAi and making a list of upcoming dates for submssions. i mainly looked at print open calls although i also have some ideas that i want to develop through moving image and sound. there are a few that might suit which are a month or so away so that gives me some time to develop ideas, if thats the direction i go. i also did a little tidying up of my website and studio. i was going to read a paper related to ‘the idealised landscape’ but thought i needed something a bit more physical and not needing too much thinking.

a bit of making: instead of spending the day online looking through this and that, i decided to get some making done. i only had one screen ready for exposure and because my new metalic printing inks arrived during the week – i got started on some christmas cards – way to early i know but making is making. for the last few years i have been screen printing them using paper cut stencils and thought id do the same again this year. while i was waiting on my screen to dry i also organised/designed/bought a hand stamp for the back of the card with my name and website etc – something i have been meaning to do for a while. all making feeds into eachother – it struck me that fold and cut stencils might be something to try with landscape images also. anyway – some images of today in the studio.

refelction: all seemed to go well with the screen and stencils although the metalic inks didn’t work too well with the rough recycled brown paper i was working on so i changed the palette to stronger white and green. i was glad of the physical making, even though i worked slowly and did the separate layers on speparate days. with time and energy at a premium, i am going to have to make a list/timetable of things to work towards so that i can make the most of my studio time and have enough energy for the things i want to get stuck into.

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