studio preparation

preparation: i feel like i spent the weekend getting ready for something – maybe the submission i hope to tackle next weekend. because last weekend was so intense (and tiring) i thought id just clear a few small jobs so that im ready for a bit of making next weekend. so my weekend in the studio consisted of sorting and tidying my inks, sweeping, drinking coffee, writing a couple of lists/timetables, adapting a story for a christmas animation, assembling a new bicycle and generally just tidying up a bit. i also touched base with our MA art collective. although only 2 of us this time, we had a good chat about finding a studio/work/life balance, difficulties finding the energy for studio, putting our work out there and just keeping going. nothing else to say about my weekend really and although no making materialised i think i needed the time to stand back a little and prepare for making next weekend. on another note – i took fotos of the screens as i reclaimed them as i liked the way i could see the image obliterated by the power hose. i could always stop the reclamation process half way, dry the screens and print from this distorted image….. to be continued

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