studio this and that

animation: i have spent the last 2 weekends working on a stop/go animation for school as a christmas concert alternative. its been really fun watching the animation take shape and getting the students involved in the making of characters, backdrops, props and recording all their narration and singing. its nearly finished now and of course it took way longer than i anticipated and the stop/go camera work was hard going working on my own to move and capture. some things i have learned from the process – keep the visuals simple using some kind of unifying filter (colour, material etc), watch the margins of the images and how they match up to a video ratio, keep the narration minimal or just have music. over all though i think it works with the children’s persnalities coming through in their vocals and art work. am looking forward to sharing it with everyone and will export a short section for fb. some images of the process.

other news: my print arrived in the states and i have put a selling price on it. looking forward to seeing how this exhibition shapes up. trasna ix also opens tomorrow which i have a print in. lastly am getting all set for printing more christmas cards next weekend for someone who asked for a pack.

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