returning: ‘landscape & lens’ series continued.

returning: there are a few ideas that i had been working on and off on and have been meaning to return to and develop further or just see where it leads. last year i arranged a self-directed ‘lens & landscape’ residency and ended up taking some slow shutter speed images where i continued to move as i snapped the image. this was an instinctive way for me to test the lens as an embodied practice, something i teased out in one of my written papers for my MA. i like them as photographic images but left off last time wondering how they might translate to screen print images. so today i am spending the day exploring one of these images to see if this is something to develop in the weeks ahead. i came across an open call which might be something to work towards with these images but i dont want to rush the process or land on a conclusion too soon. anyway here are some images of making in the studio today.

reflection: i simplified the image to two bit map layers just to see how the image would start to build in layers and what colour range would work. colourwise – i decided to go with a washed out pallete, although i could go further with this and perhaps reverse the image or print in white ink – something i worked with before with my ‘infra’ series? the relationship between a moment of time and a continuous movement also seems to raise some things that i have been thinking about in relation to landscape as experience and landscape as image – experience that is not held or cannot be held in a single image. maybe that’s why i am leaning towards a washed out palette. technically, the emulsion was left on the screen a long time and took a while to wash out but the stencil was good. i printed the image on white cartridge as i am still at testing stage but will print the image on the warmer tones of pressed paper, maybe even on toned paper which i have a few sheets of especially if i use white ink. still figuring out the scale for the piece but think i will keep going with this small, tight image size…… so, next steps – reverse the image and test that, print with white ink on deeper toned paper, explore similar images from that range to build to a series… that’s my week gone!

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