some printing matters

a little business: i have spent the last few weekends completing the animation for school and printing batches of christmas cards by order. looks like there is a small demand for hand printed christmas cards this year so i plan on developing a series for next year based on this last one i did this weekend, might even test out birthday cards at a later date. its a funny thing pricing work that is done by hand – work that i love doing and work that i come to know intimately (every tiny curve and angle) as i work through the run. wanting to keep the time working on these runs low, i kept to two colours – 1 colour for text and basic shape background and the second as an overlay for a paper cut stencils on top. it takes best part of a day to do a run of 40 to 50 cards using 2 colours so its not going to pay the bills if i price cards at a figure i think people will pay. i probably priced the cards a bit low, but reckon no price is really ever going to cover my time, skill etc anyway. i do cover the materials for these jobs and then a little extra goes towards the materials for other ideas i am working on. anyway, early days and something to think about more seriously. some images of the process and outcomes.

all ready for business

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