making a start on some ‘next things’

the plan: i am spending the afternoon in the studio today. the kiln is on, firing away on clay pieces for school as i make a start on a few ‘next things’. getting a start on these always feels like a circular process – touching lightly on a few things again and again until something takes hold. i started by looking at my PP Plan – printing it off to make it more concrete. i haven’t looked at it since its submission in May and am amazed at the scope of my ambition. it feels good to touch base with the aspirations and practicalities that i have identified in order to help make things happen. i could say i was slightly energised reading it and seeing all the things that i want to do. i could also say that many of these things seem unlikely in the time frame that i suggested but am happy to have a map of sorts all the same.

‘artist collective’ meet-up: we also had our first ‘artist collective’ online meeting today which was really lovely. there were only a few of us there and our time was limited but we had enough time to chat about what we are up to and some of the difficulties we are having (or not) related to continuing our practice. it seems like it will be a lovely space to share with each other and we are thinking about doing some studio ‘making days’ together. we have a date for our next meet up in november.

research: i am spending the rest of the afternoon looking into some open call opportunities. i found a few video and print opportunities that i could work towards. perhaps i will make first and seek their opportunities after. whatever comes of my research today, for sure, i plan on doing some physical making next saturday – something messy, concrete and new.

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