towards some next things

preparation: i am busy getting ready for some next things - preparing for a print fair, preparing for new card collection for sale, preparing for a submission for a text project - i plan on developing my print and embossing work for a possible book project next year. i am also keeping an eye out... Continue Reading →

printing away

process: i am spending most of the summer away from my studio but coming up from time to time to do a little printing, sorting and planning. i started working on a CMYK edition based on theme for an open call which i am happy to say is finished and posted to Spain to be... Continue Reading →

the last few weeks

keeping busy: i suppose it has been a while since i posted but that's not to say that i haven't been busy, maybe too busy to post. over the last few weeks i have completed my psychogeography course 'investigating place through psychogeography' and that turned into a bigger than i thought video and text project... Continue Reading →

parallel printing

printing in tandem: along side the work i have been doing on my psychogeography project, i have also been working on developing a screenprint series between the gaps of working on the dérives etc. i didn't get a chance to post about this work until now so have set aside this morning to get up... Continue Reading →

night dérive

the urge to categorize: posting my images - turns out i can't help but categorize just by the selection process. a bundle of like minded somethings ... or not

night dérive

resisting the urge to categorise: i returned to sandymount again last night. i just wanted to have a quick look but ended up taking a stroll and soaking up the place with and without camera captures. its too early to say what they are, why they are or where they are or going. seems like... Continue Reading →

image maker

back to image making: i just got all of my screens restretched so was looking forward to spending today printing. i took a little time this morning going through some of the slow shutter speed images that i gathered during lockdown in tipp. i though i would keep the edition small (5) while i figure... Continue Reading →

tactile image

paper making: i took a break from darkroom processes and got started on some paper making. i have been meaning to get back to this process for some time and today seemed like the day to do it. i think i just wanted some physical and messy making. i kept things simple - using off-cuts,... Continue Reading →

pinhole camera continued

lensless image making continued:i am still working away on analogue and wet processes - processes that attempt to connect landscape as experience to landscape as image in some physical way and adds haptic qualities to the visual and body to the image. i recognise the gendered reading of these processes and continue to explore nonetheless... Continue Reading →

through a slow lens

photographic work continued: wasn't feeling the best so thought i'd stay close to home. only venturing out for some fresh air, i did manage to do some gathering and ended up returning to some slow shutter speed shots which seemed to fit with the general mood. some shots ... gathering continued: snow came and went... Continue Reading →

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