pinhole camera continued

lensless image making continued:i am still working away on analogue and wet processes – processes that attempt to connect landscape as experience to landscape as image in some physical way and adds haptic qualities to the visual and body to the image. i recognise the gendered reading of these processes and continue to explore nonetheless – because of and inspite of i suppose.

testing continued: i waited for a relatively bright day to get some more pinhole exposures done. this time i left the exposure for 20 seconds and still figure i need to go longer, as the developed images are very contrasting and have very little tones. i think i’ll need to go to 30 seconds and then see if i have overshot or undershot the timing. its all moving towards a better image but i wonder if i need to adjust the distance of aperture to paper as well as the exposure timing. i probably should work on one change at a time though. anyway here are some of the images from this session.

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