printing away

process: i am spending most of the summer away from my studio but coming up from time to time to do a little printing, sorting and planning. i started working on a CMYK edition based on theme for an open call which i am happy to say is finished and posted to Spain to be part of a print exhibition over late summer into autumn. i had planned to work up some other images but found these source images when scrolling through my folders and was interested to see how my edits would translate through the CMYK colour process. i began with a handshake image which, after i had done the entire 4 colour layers, i felt was not suitable to the close registration needed for this process – ie it felt like i had mis-alligned the colours and that was why the image was blurred. anyway, my second image was more successful and i was happy to submit this work. this open call specified the max paper size of 20cm x 20cm and, as always, i was happy to work in this small scale. however, i am curious to see how this image of the sand and tide might scale up – i think its time to increase my scale?? anyway, here are some images of the process.

slow tide, edition of 5, 2021

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