making over the last few months

making over the summer: it has been a few months since i posted, although i have continued to make, print, think on and have been in the studio most weekends. hopefully i will get back to more regular posts now that i have a routine. so to update over these last few months – i have been doing lots of printing -for the ipe again this year, for 2 different exhibitions in Spain, and building a series of screen printed cards for sale. i also started to do some embossing which i figure has lots of potential for some ideas that i am working through. anyway, here are some images of my projects etc over the summer …

‘another room’, edition of 10, for the international print exchange

reflection: the close colour range of the wallpaper works – might revisit past series editions with a closer colour range.

screen printed cards

reflection: the stencil survived a long run, did a further run in deep blue, image spilling onto the back works

screen printed cards

reflection: the bright colours work with the recycled card. enjoyable process, might try with pinks.

infra landscape (rerun)

reflection: a popular edition, so i redid an edition of 6. again close tones effective, my registration has improved, try a scaled up meadow-scape.

what i mean to say

reflection: although very slow work, i loved working on this process. i think it has a lot of potential for some of the ideas i am working on – language, gender etc.

incoming by richard mosse

i had a look at some great exhibitions – richard mosse ‘incoming’ in the butler gallery was exceptional. left me thinking i need to be braver on so many levels. i also visited the hunt museum as it was looking the landscape of the wild atlantic way. i did a weekend course on bookbinding and tried the anthotype process, which uses the photosensitive material from plants and sunlight to make stencil images.

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