night dérive

resisting the urge to categorise: i returned to sandymount again last night. i just wanted to have a quick look but ended up taking a stroll and soaking up the place with and without camera captures. its too early to say what they are, why they are or where they are or going. seems like i dont want to say too much. i’ll be going back.

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  1. I love these Elaine (when I first got into photography I took distant -deliberate blurred- shots of car crash which people I knew though macabre)!

    I’ve been away from wordpress for ages as too busy but I saw something today that seemed to be in your sphere – maybe – – it’s an old blog, and this post is about making single-pixel images, in this case with a very DIY digital camera.

    I do some remote-sensing analysis in my work and always interested in what information can be pulled out of an single image pixels, but gperco seems to be making images that look somewhat like these.

    gperco is being discussed here today:, I’m unearthed in the thread.


  2. Hi Elaine, Me too, I’m glad you found them useful.

    I’ve become very busy with a dramatic expansion in the size and complexity of my landscapes, I enjoy writing here but still learning to run a busier business, I have a bunch of things queued up to write though.


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