parallel printing

printing in tandem: along side the work i have been doing on my psychogeography project, i have also been working on developing a screenprint series between the gaps of working on the dérives etc. i didn’t get a chance to post about this work until now so have set aside this morning to get up to date. the screen printing series continues to use my ‘handshake’ images as starting points for printed images and i have worked through a number of colour combinations – arriving at quite a strong colour pallete which lends itself to the screen printing process. I have submitted the series to some open calls and will see how they fair out. its strikes me that i should also try working on a screen print series based on the research work i have been doing in sandymount but i intentionally wanted ideas to emerge rather than deciding a set of outcomes beforehand. prehaps this will now naturally happen. anyway below is some images of the process of this screen print series.

working through the colour range

working through series

finished prints

working through different scales

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