the last few weeks

keeping busy: i suppose it has been a while since i posted but that’s not to say that i haven’t been busy, maybe too busy to post. over the last few weeks i have completed my psychogeography course ‘investigating place through psychogeography’ and that turned into a bigger than i thought video and text project which i will continue to work on … indefinitely. i have also been working on a screen print series based on my running jump work. i answered an open call and these screen prints have been accepted to be part of a print exhibition over the summer in Cadaques in Spain. I have also been reworking screen prints from this ‘running jump’ series for another open call over the last few weeks and have just submitted work for it last week. I have been busy putting work in the kiln almost every weekend – for school projects mainly and i also made a series of small pots for my cacti. for the last few weekends i also worked up some greeting cards – a summer series. i hope to get these packaged for sale tomorrow. this posts seems like a recap ‘after event’ – hopefully i will get back to integrating my posts as part of my process of work and reflection. anyway, here are some images of work over the last few weeks.

video stills from my ‘tidal flats’ psychogeography project

reworking screen prints from my ‘running jump’ series

screen printing – ‘here comes the sun’ summer series greeting cards

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