reediting audio & visuals (contemplating a mountain)

reediting – audio: i have just spend the last few days working long and late on reediting my ‘contemplating a mountain’ video of its installation. first i wanted to clean up the sound and get rid of obvious glitches. i did want to keep some of the sounds of the camera moving as it gives texture and sense of place. i also wanted to keep in the noise of the projector and i played around with levels until it was heard sufficiently but did not overpower. i also wanted to re-record the second narrative that runs through the soundscape. i had to do this at night because, although the studio is quiet, the recording can pick up birds or the distant trams, cars and children playing. i had so many options to think about in terms of where the narratives would sit with the visuals and how the two narratives would sit together. i tried them at different ‘gain’ levels but in the end i wanted them to compete with each other so brought them up to matching levels. sometimes these narratives overlap and sometimes they separate. the first narrative was one i re-recorded last week which was a stream of consciousness. the second i dipped into a narrative about the fianna where oisín fell from his horse when travelling back from tír na nóg, withering and dying when he stepped on the soil again. this mountain is where this part of the story took place and is mentioned in its retelling.

reediting – visuals: i spend a lot of time working on the colour but every time i corrected one colour band it had a knock on effect on some other aspect of the visuals. i wanted to tone down the blues but this darkened the whites to yellow. in the end i think i accept the blue tones on these projectors above the more muddy yellow tones. making adjustments to the colour takes a long while to render and makes it difficult to watch back as editing. i have however exported this as it stands and am in a good position to see what is working and what is not . i think a few more adjustments and this could be a potential piece for the exhibition. i will need to think about the looping of video on the digital site also.

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