now then (still & moving image)

refining work: getting closer to making my selection of work for the digital exhibition so before i make the selection i am going back through each of my works and working on them further – refining them i suppose. i will give myself the next 2 weeks to rework/refine/further develop each of my video and/or print works. i am looking forward to moving them all on although i will be busy and it means working in the studio at night. refining work includes re-recording some of the projections to include myself in the frame and reediting the quality of the sound and/or images (colours) in the recordings of these projections. i am also reworking some of the soundscape narratives and possibly including some text… to be decided.

now then (CMYK): the first one up is my still and moving image. picking up where i left last time i worked on this piece, over the weekend i printed through the CMYK process to see these still image colour layer with the colour video moving through and behind these. i printed on paper and on transparencies although i intend to use the transparencies with the video. i enjoyed the blast of colour after my monochrome black & white printing sessions last week. one of the points that came out through my peer review was the idea that a soundscape could develop like the layering of colours in the prints. i will see how this pans out when i set up the projections tonight.


cmyk process of full image

now then (b&w): i also decided to scale up the video projection and print a series of close ups to hang in front of the moving image. i am not sure whether it will work better in black and white video or with colour video. again i will explore this in the studio tonight. although my printer can print the bitmap, i think its necessary to screen print these images using the unpredictable wet process as i outline in my contextual study – a physical presence against its digital immaterial presence and all its gendered readings.

b&w process cropped image at larger scale

testing projections: i worked late into the night last night, testing how the projections of moving images work with the still prints. i tried them out in lots of different ways – first by hanging the prints from the ceiling using clear line. i was unhappy with this method as the transparencies curved and the visuals looked complicated. i tried to redress this by hanging the transparencies from a paper top rod but it cast a strong shadow and again the visuals started to get complicated. i did like the way these transparencies moved when hanging even though it was a ‘still’ image – but again felt there was too much happening visually. i finally decided to keep it really simple by mounting the transparencies one the wall one at a time. i could imagine this working in a physical ‘gallery’ space – perhaps a series of small images with varying degrees of CMYK transparencies. i edited my recordings in lots of different ways today – as a wall mounted projection, as a close up projection that reads well on a monitor. i also worked these edits in reverse (un-layering the image rather than its movement in reverse) and thought of the undressing of an image and how it might relate to the feminisation of the landscape…. might feed into a narrative or? anyway here are some images of last nights work and today’s edits…. refining only leads to further refining.

hanging/ceiling mounted transparencies

colour transparencies layered on colour moving image

colour transparencies on projection

colour transparencies on projection revered layers

close up of projection on black and white

close up of projection on black and white – reversed

larger projection with still images

reflection: i think i got through a lot these last few making sessions although it still seems raw rather than refined. i have come to some decisions in the direction i want to go next. that entails working with with projection rather than monitor version, work with un-layered sequence, develop the soundscape (i had taken it off the sea sounds as it needed work – kind of works as a ‘silent movie’ effect though and i love the visceral/haptic sound of the projector), think about a narrative related the undressing of the image/landscape/body. if this works as a ‘silent movie’ might this be text? looks like a lot still to do to refine and bring together but some decisions made which should make it easier.


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