triplopia (installation)

some experiments: am working nights these days as need to do contextual research during the day and the days are too bright for installations anyway. i spent last night setting up my projectors to see how the videos would layer and play on top of each other. each video is the same landscape with varying spectator positions (near and far) referencing landscape’s gender binaries etc. here i set a middle distance – a middle ground. again, i set up the projectors with a mind that this needs to be achievable as a physical exhibition at some future date – so in this installation the projectors could be mounted on wall shelves. i have 3 identical projectors which have card readers (one card reader not working though). however these projectors have limited colour corrections so the blues are pronounced. the sound is also limited and would need a separate speakers system. never the less i was excited about how they play on top of each other, especially the fraying of the rectilinear parameters. i played around with adjusting the three videos until i was happy that they were reading together yet adjusted slightly (not too pronounced) left/right or up/down from each other. when happy i just stood back watching and playing with my shadow – as i would in a physical installation i suppose. this might something i include in my digital exhibition – for this work (if included) or another work.


projector set up



frayed edges/rectilinear frame 


reflection: still a bit to do as i plan on developing a soundscape and cleaning up the sound in general. i did do a little colour correction in video editing so the blues are toned down – this is the advantage of a digital exhibition. i recorded my shadow on some of the video and i think this might be something i could add to this piece or as i have said it might be more suitable to another piece as there is already a lot going on in this installation. seems like there are a lot of things to be decided but as i have said before – once i get closer to its core then decisions will be easier. what is coming up is real excitement at the experience of landscape as a moving image projection  – the light and dark contrast, the shadows of the spectators body and even the sound of the projector motors interest me – a real physical presence.

some thoughts on soundscape: i am continuing to gather information about this particular landscape- sandymount strand, east looking, sand and wind. i have come across some points of interest that might (or might not) feed into a narrative soundscape – there is a statue on the sandymount walk that is called cailin ban – fair or white girl. when i researched this it turns out she was a murdered 15 year old peasant girl for whom 2 men were hanged back in 1819. there is also an interesting sculpture ‘gallan greine’ (sun stone) which is dedicated to Joyce and looks like a quotation mark. this sighting stone aligns with another marker stone east/ west on winter solstice. Joyce mentions sandymount strand in Ulysses  – In long lassoes from the Cock lake the water flowed full, covering greengoldenly lagoons of sand, rising, flowing. Sandymount is the setting for the third episode “Proteus” and the thirteenth episode “Nausicaa” – considered the most controversial scene in the novel takes place here as Leopold Bloom pleasures himself to a young Gertie lifting her skirt – leading to the book being banned in the US for obscenity.

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