still and moving image continued

moving it on – geometry: i am continuing to work on my still and moving image installation and have spent another few nights this week playing around with how they might sit together. last week i was unhappy with how they sat on top of each other so this week i rearranged the still and moving images in different ways until i was happier with how that reacted together. i worked on instinct but was also aware that my decisions resonated with other aspects of landscape that i have been exploring, reading and writing about recently. the arrangements that i was happiest with seemed to send the horizon line off kilter and looked like the perspective was stretched. this automatically made sense in the context of the reading i have been doing on the single fixed perspective, mapping and its gendered associations with power and the commodification of the landscape. another thing that struck me was that the arrangements brought me right back to some of my architectural drawings and also reminded me of a recent book i had been looking at in relation to Euclid’s geometry – again popping up in my contextual study in relation to landscape mapping, gender and the masculinisation of rational thought.


moving it on – colour: i had a good chat with KF in relation to last weeks still and moving image work and she suggested that the colour changes were also causing a feeling of disorientation in relation to the landscape, especially at the moment of their changing. the term ‘undressing’ seems to fit with the way i have been working through the CMYK process with the still image as prints but in my initial experiments i edited out where i physically went up to the wall and changed the colour layers. this  doesn’t seem consistent with how i want to approach this digital exhibition – looking on what i exhibit as a recording of a physical video installation rather than something for the monitor. i think keeping the physicality is important as this was my impetus for making this work before any talk of a digital exhibition. more importantly, its physical capabilities align with my exploration of the embodied lens and its relationship to the landscape. so for this weeks experiments i edited the moving images first where the moving images change through the CMYK layers and the still image remained still and fixed as a black image. also, rather than as separate CMYK layers, i ‘undressed’ the moving image starting with CMYK to MYK to YK to K.


moving it on – sound: another part of my discussion with KF also brought up my approach to sound, perhaps echoing the colour or visual ‘undressing’ of the image with the undressing of the soundscape in layers. so again, i edited the sound where 4 audios, reduce to 3 audios, to 2 audios to 1 audio as the colour layers are stripped off the moving image… yes, ‘stripping’ ‘undressing’

anyway, here are some stills of the work. i will hold off on showing the recording of this installation until the exhibition – sounds like i have selected this work so.

various arrangements – separate colour layers

various arrangements – undressing the composite colour layers

various arrangements – undressing the composite colour layers

reflection: i think there are many things i have improved on – the soundscape as a series of unlayering works but may be a little subtle and also rational – perhaps i could unsettle them as something unexpected? i am much happier with the colours even though i am not sure an audience would know what the colour changes signify other than starting as colour and ending as black and white – perhaps i could allude to this in title or? the arrangement also looks a little like an open book. i like the way the still image is not half across the moving image but off centre- again reminding me of my discussion of  binaries, gender or otherwise and a sliding in between.


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