restock (for group crit)

key areas of my practice: landscape, lens, body, gender, image


ways i work: my work mainly consist of video, print or a combination of video and print. at the moment i am working on video installations and video and print installations. the works i include here are all works in progress …


about my work (artist statement):

Drawn to the outdoors with my camera, my work explores my relationship to the landscape as image maker.

Using lens-based processes – video, photography and print, I explore how the landscape is viewed and experienced according to the gendered body and how this translates into landscape imagery.

Considering the lens as part of an embodied practice – a point of contact between body and landscape, I question the validity of gender binaries inherent in the lens’ framing of the landscape, seeking to disrupt these binaries through a process of reframing.

This reframing involves unsettling the single, fixed perspective within landscape’s rectilinear frame and the gendering of lens-based image making processes – combining still and moving images, digital and analogue processes in multi-channel video and print installations. 

At the heart of this reframing lies a desire to challenge gendered stereotypes towards reflecting greater gender diversity and equality. 

contemplating a mountain: 

contemplating a mountain 2020 [still from 2 channel video installation]

notes on ‘contemplating a mountain’: i am always looking to disrupt the gender binaries reflected in the landscape and landscape imagery. the title and this particular landscape is a nod to Nan Shephard a Scottish writer who’s book A Living Mountain (1977) describes her many years walking the Cairngorm mountains. she is quoted as saying that women enjoy being on rather than on top of mountain summits. here i contemplate the mountain – visually and as soundscape narrative. gender binaries explored include subjective (stream of consciousness) versus objective (disembodied voice) active (handheld moving cameras) versus passive (mountain as object of the gaze), the single fixed perspective (using two independently moving cameras and the stereo out of sync soundscape) … i continue to work on this piece especially in relation to the soundscape and am researching this specific landscape of glenasmole.


diplopia triplopia

triplopia [still from 3 channel video installation]

notes on diplopia triplopia: the title initially referred to double vision but as i am using 3 frames i have changed it to triplopia – triple vision. here i am looking at fraying the rectilinear frame of the landscape by layering 3 videos on top of each other but slightly out of sync from each other. i am also looking at the near and far spectator positions – again associated with gendered positions. each of the videos are at different distances from the landscape – distant, middle ground and close up. i am still working on and researching for the soundscape for this piece or perhaps adding text … a work in progress.


still and moving image:



notes on print and video: this is one of the many still and moving installation pieces that i am working on. it stems out of questions related to the framing of the landscape – landscape as experience and landscape as image, what image, what moment in time, within what frame or physical parameters, according to what body etc. the moving sea and its tides as a metaphor for woman might be explored in a soundscape.


print (some examples): i work a lot in print and am interested in the gendering of lens-based processes which i am researching for my contextual study – wet versus dry processes, analogue versus digital processes and the manipulation of the image.



video: i also develop short video works for monitor rather than projector, which is for another day.

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