studio preparation

preparation: i feel like i spent the weekend getting ready for something - maybe the submission i hope to tackle next weekend. because last weekend was so intense (and tiring) i thought id just clear a few small jobs so that im ready for a bit of making next weekend. so my weekend in the... Continue Reading →

returning to the horizon

returning: there are many areas i want to develop further and this weekend i was open to what ever direction that would take. i dont expect to reach any end point - probably ever, but just make steps further along these routes. so this last weekend i ended up experimenting with the horizon and ways... Continue Reading →

slowish studio day

a bit of this and that: i was pretty tired before i began any work in the studio today and it took some time to settle into anything. instead of tackling any work which needs a lot of energy, i started by looking through open calls, checking in with the VAi and making a list... Continue Reading →

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