digital and analogue

print exchange: i decided to work towards a print exchange in Oregon, as i wanted to explore screen printing an extensively edited image. working the digital and the analogue really interest me and this is something i keep returning to. i am happy with the outcome and have already cut, editioned and parcelled the edition... Continue Reading →

artifact: playing with form

print: a few ideas have been going around in my head so i decided to put some form to them... ideas about place, landscape and how to put form to it as experience and post experience - specifically the beach where i swim. the soundscape is the dominant here so i worked up some visuals... Continue Reading →

this and that

i have spent the last couple of days doing a bit of this and that - preparing and starting a big print run for a friend, which is now half completed. i also made a submission for an exhibition, which involved reediting some video work. i though about tidying my studio but figured i could... Continue Reading →

mail art project

following through: i had committed to doing a mail art project a few months ago and had almost forgotten about it until i got a reminder about the deadline. despite this, i really enjoyed playing around with the envelop format and the theme. i decided to keep going with the print run to make a... Continue Reading →

moving again

mountains etc: i am working on a few things at the moment. for the last few weeks, i have been developing a small series of screen prints of the galtee mountains - some elements are working, more to do. might park it for a bit and then return to it in a few weeks with... Continue Reading →

towards some next things

preparation: i am busy getting ready for some next things - preparing for a print fair, preparing for new card collection for sale, preparing for a submission for a text project - i plan on developing my print and embossing work for a possible book project next year. i am also keeping an eye out... Continue Reading →

printing away

process: i am spending most of the summer away from my studio but coming up from time to time to do a little printing, sorting and planning. i started working on a CMYK edition based on theme for an open call which i am happy to say is finished and posted to Spain to be... Continue Reading →

the last few weeks

keeping busy: i suppose it has been a while since i posted but that's not to say that i haven't been busy, maybe too busy to post. over the last few weeks i have completed my psychogeography course 'investigating place through psychogeography' and that turned into a bigger than i thought video and text project... Continue Reading →

parallel printing

printing in tandem: along side the work i have been doing on my psychogeography project, i have also been working on developing a screenprint series between the gaps of working on the dérives etc. i didn't get a chance to post about this work until now so have set aside this morning to get up... Continue Reading →

short course becomes a lifetime project

scale of project: i have been really busy continuing my research, dérives and making for the short course i am taking in psychogeography. after our presentation last week i have now begun to format my research, dérives and making into a presentation padlet which follows along to the beat of other dérives and narratives i... Continue Reading →

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