mail art project

following through: i had committed to doing a mail art project a few months ago and had almost forgotten about it until i got a reminder about the deadline. despite this, i really enjoyed playing around with the envelop format and the theme. i decided to keep going with the print run to make a set of cards and by adding some text. i went with instinct on colour rather than anything pre-decided. i had to reedited the text to fit outside the image frame in order to be read. i also decided to print the text in 2 directions so that the card can be used in 2 directions. i intend to add these cards to my card collection for sale. anyway, the mail art is in the post. some images of the process …

just jump in (2022)

other work this week: i continued to work on the chair ‘room’ series and have 2 of the series ready to print next week hopefully. i researched more opportunities and spoke to friends about market and selling opportunities. oh and i changed my domain name for this -elainecrowe@blog

for ‘room’ chair series

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