moving again

mountains etc: i am working on a few things at the moment. for the last few weeks, i have been developing a small series of screen prints of the galtee mountains – some elements are working, more to do. might park it for a bit and then return to it in a few weeks with a bit of distance.

the tidal flats revisited: i had an email from one of the other students on the psychogeography course last year. i took another look at the padlet i made of the videos and images i collected for my ‘tidal flats’ project. i feel i really should complete this if i want to develop a piece of work around it -or is this the piece of work? so far, i have done 12 episodes out of 18 so that leaves 5 more episodes to go. i might set my timeline of easter (april) to complete this. i feel that this can’t be a starting point for new work until the 18 episodes have been touched on.

moving on: one of the good things that revisiting the psychogeography project sparked was a need to do something more challenging and unknown. i know the printing process well and seem to be very comfortable here: might be time to shake things up a bit – maybe a large scale work or an analogue photography process? i also feel the need to read and question and feed my bank of questions that gives me the impetus to make work. i looked into a ‘photography as language’ short course and i may enrol in this next year. i am now even more certain of my need to work part time next year so i can jump in – its ity bity waiting for weekends.

dum-de-dumming: i know there’s a place for dum-de-dumming but its about time i make some sort of plan that centres on the new and the challenging. for today i am dawdling around – looking at opportunities, revisiting some past work, editioning new prints and, of course, looking at new equipment and supplies!!

anyway, here are some images of my recent prints of the mountain series so far – another starting place?

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