artifact: playing with form

print: a few ideas have been going around in my head so i decided to put some form to them… ideas about place, landscape and how to put form to it as experience and post experience – specifically the beach where i swim. the soundscape is the dominant here so i worked up some visuals – creating sound waves from recordings of waves lapping which i then printed onto some stones i collected there. when i look at my efforts the term ‘artifact’ comes to mind – ‘a thing’ of this place, a reminder. the mix of stones, as something for the hand to hold and feel, seems to contrast the printed soundwaves that are untranslatable in their visual form … can we ever fully represent a place? the phrase ‘what i have and have not held’ also returns as it did when i started work on the border project. looking at these images, the soundwave prints seem to echo the strata that are often seen on these stones… anyway, a few ideas to think on and explore further.

residency: i have been looking into short residencies and am currently working on a submission for march. i have also made a booking for a print residency in Spain and i hope to attend an experimental film masterclass in Berlin – a bit broke but trying to make the most of my time.

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