short course becomes a lifetime project

scale of project: i have been really busy continuing my research, dérives and making for the short course i am taking in psychogeography. after our presentation last week i have now begun to format my research, dérives and making into a presentation padlet which follows along to the beat of other dérives and narratives i heard while making this work about the tidal flats of sandymount – the place i have chosen to investigate through psychogeography. feedback has been really positive and as i continue to research, work and present, i am now beginning to realise the scale of the project before me – a short course project that has expanded into a project that could be continued over my lifetime, with new episodes added each time i return to this area. i am ok with this and for the moment i am just trying to get my new padlet up to date and then continue the next few episodes in this narrative cycle. i might need to name my time scale for this so that i move things along. i have been sent some really interesting reading material related to my work and am looking forward to tucking into this as well … one step at a time. below is the presentation padlet i am working on and will continue.

Made with Padlet
Made with Padlet

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