tactile image

paper making: i took a break from darkroom processes and got started on some paper making. i have been meaning to get back to this process for some time and today seemed like the day to do it. i think i just wanted some physical and messy making. i kept things simple - using off-cuts,... Continue Reading →

pinhole camera continued

lensless image making continued:i am still working away on analogue and wet processes - processes that attempt to connect landscape as experience to landscape as image in some physical way and adds haptic qualities to the visual and body to the image. i recognise the gendered reading of these processes and continue to explore nonetheless... Continue Reading →

through a slow lens

photographic work continued: wasn't feeling the best so thought i'd stay close to home. only venturing out for some fresh air, i did manage to do some gathering and ended up returning to some slow shutter speed shots which seemed to fit with the general mood. some shots ... gathering continued: snow came and went... Continue Reading →

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