starting as i mean to go on

making opportunities: what a strange start to 2021 as we have headed into a severe lockdown again and i am back woking from home – well home from home actually as i am down in tipperary. with no access to my studio and screen printing stuff, i plan on making the most of my time in this part of the world – gathering and exploring through walking and the lens, researching opportunities – especially in video as i can continue this anywhere once i have my laptop – which i do! i also plan on setting up a basic darkroom in the shed down here as it has no windows and is concrete block so not precious. i usually wait til winter to get back to a little chemical developing and printing as my studio in dublin is so bright. i am going to make the most of this opportunity to get back to darkroom processes and reengage with pinhole camera work. i am actually looking forward to being away from my usual processes, equipment and space and see what happens with minimal and different materials.

continuing to exhibit: on another note this year is also starting on the right foot as i am part of an online (and physical by appointment) exhibition in The Art Centre New Hampshire called Printmaking At The Edge. The curator who selected my work describes my work briefly and in complimentary terms. i dont really decide resolutions for the year ahead, however in my mind i do see places i want to head towards. for 2021, this includes challenging my work and where i might communicate and exhibit my work. i also plan on developing a commercial aspect to my screenprinting work, which i have already begun but needs more structure. as with every year, i always want more time for studio and resolve to try and find more time. this year with its start and stops i cannot know what is and isn’t possible only that it is good to have the regularity of work, against which i pull and play.

untitled (2020), ink on paper, part of Printmaking At The Edge, The Art Centre, Devon, New Hampshire.

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